Women have the power to create, nurture and transform and yet for all these positive attributes have never been treated on par with men in all societies, cultures and classes of the world. Gender based discrimination and violence against women have been reinforced through prejudices, biases and attitudes that prevent them from reaching their full potential as individuals.

The attitude that women exist purely to please man have resulted in films with sexist overtones where the Hero gains stature in proportion to the extent that he teases the hapless heroine and establishes his superiority. This thought process is reflected in domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplaces, and the euphemism called ”eve teasing” used throughout the Indian sub-continent to denote unwanted sexual remarks or advances to women in public places.

Sexual aggression is of various types ranging from offensive watch, Cat calls, Sexist comments, Stalking, suggestive songs, display of indecent videos to flashing, groping and molestation. Perpetrators of these crimes devise ingenious ways of harassing women in public places, near colleges and workplaces and outside their homes.

She teams is a first of its kind initiative in the country launched by the Telangana government on 24th October 2014 with the vision of providing a safe and secure environment for women. These teams are headed by Smt. Shikha Goel, IPS, Addl. CP Crimes and SIT. SHE Teams are engaged in round the clock surveillance of the city by mapping out “hotspots” and “hot timings” where offenders pounce on unsuspecting victims.

She teams are a boon to the women in the State who can get timely police help and go about their work without fear..